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Efficient internal communication

We believe internal communication is key for customer acquisition


Today, we distribute a newspaper and use our intranet. Through these channels, we try to inform our employees about topics such as new employees, new procedures... Nothing wrong with that, however, I do miss the interactivity with the readers.

An Saenen Head of Marketing Communication

A lot of companies with white collar and blue collar employees have difficulty with their internal communication because it is not personalized and timing is wrong.

Nicolas Cap Managing Partner

The pure top-down communication of the past is the central axis, but contributes less and less to a positive corporate culture.

Filip De Dycker Managing Director

Companies that use too little the visual aspect in their internal communication lose speed and threaten to miss the train.

Pieter Van Leugenhaegen Int. Growth Director

Due to the lack of a proper communication plan, you are losing yourself in the many challenges that appear daily within internal company communication.

Robby Cap HR Director

Roger’s secret formula

Roger is on a mission to guide companies towards a more engaged workforce



Explain what the company stands
for and what direction it is heading.



Employees want to be more
connected with each other and the



A well-informed, connected
workforce will be more engaged.

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  • What roger does

    He visualizes communication
    of new employees.

    Our company newspaper is getting old. It only
    has half the information needed and isn't
    visually appealing enough for people to feel
    invited to dive into it. HR puts a lot of effort
    into this, but I truly wonder who actually reads it.

    • Visually appealing
    • Create and send effortlessly
    • On an employee friendly device to track on the spot
  • What roger does

    He streamlines
    corporate basics.

    Every time a safety procedure changes, it is difficult
    to communicate this consistently through multiple
    shift managers.

    • Ensure your critical company information is read
    • Formal procedures can be confirmed
    • Collect information for potential company audits
  • What roger does

    He listens to
    your organization.

    I have the feeling management doesn't really bother about
    what we do and feel here on the floor. What is going really
    well, or what can be improved.

    • People’s enthusiasm can be easily expressed
    • Opinions and satisfaction can be checked through
      user-friendly polls and micro-surveys
    • Progress can be monitored through administrator platform
  • What roger does

    He smoothens

    When I started working here, I truly wondered ‘how am I
    ever going to remember and process all this new information?’
    Eventually I managed, but why isn’t this organised more thoroughly?

    • Interactive on boarding how & when you need it
    • Who’s who always available and up to date
    • Get to know the colleagues, the teams and the organization in no time
  • What roger does

    He tracks
    personal development.

    I have the feeling that our current methods for measuring
    our employee development is not sufficient any more, but
    it is difficult to change.

    • Keeping online track of people’s development needs
    • Employees feel more responsible for their personal development
    • Share internal vacancies first with your employees, in real-time

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