10 end-of-year internal communication ideas

The Holiday season is a perfect opportunity to break away from serious, formal business matters and infuse your workplace with fun and festive content.

To jumpstart your creative process, we have compiled the 10 most original content ideas observed on our internal communications platform in the past years, aimed at promoting a fun and festive workplace atmosphere during the most wonderful time of the year.

Internal Communications Trends 2023

The "corporate newsroom approach" as a new internal communications models, the growing influence of the internal communicator, the advancements in artificial intelligence and deep-learning chatbots.

The trends and changes in the internal communications landscape are evolving at rapid pace. That's why we decided to assemble an overview with al major trends, to keep you up to speed with all latest developments in internal comms.

How an engaged workforce drives a company forward

Employee engagement has a direct effect on a company's overall performance and bottom line. But what is it exactly? How do you know if your employees are 'engaged' or not? What can be the effect on your company's performance? And most importantly: how do you empower it within your organization?

In this eBook, we provide tips & tricks and best practices to get you started in the short and long term.