Meet Roger is GDPR compliant

Last updated on December 6, 2019

We put security, privacy, and data protection at the core of our product. We are GDPR compliant, and constantly strive to go above the minimum regulatory standards.

Data access
Only a small subset of members of the Roger team have direct access to the live database. This access is granted on a need-to-know basis and is tightly controlled.

Data export
If you decide to leave us, you get a full copy of your database. Contact us and we’ll provide you with all your data. Want to access your data via API? No problem, we have you covered. Reach out for more information on how our API works.

We take daily automatic database snapshots. We store them for 14 days. We do manual database snapshots once every month and store them for half a year. We have a standby replica of the database in case something physically happens to the original. Everything is backed up in real time so that your data is safe.

Our system is closely monitored 24/7. If anything happens, we know about it immediately and can react. There are real-time reports in place to ensure we’re ready to fix the problem.

Data hosting
We use Digital Ocean as our hosting provider. Our servers are part of the Digital Ocean infrastructure and hosted in the EU. The actual location of these data centres is known only to Digital Ocean employees who have a legitimate business need to know. Digital Ocean provides a highly secure architecture and restricts unauthorized access.