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Last update August 2018


Last update August 2018

Privacy & GDPR: what (employee) data is collected by the Roger Application?
Roger is committed to protecting the privacy of employees everywhere. That is why we designed an internal company communication tool that enables a new, transparent kind of relationship between employees and employers. Your privacy rights & the Roger Application
The Roger Application was designed specifically to address the requirements set forth by GDPR. You can use the Roger Application to gain access to every piece of information that has been collected about you;
You can also use the Roger Application to rectify any collected information about yourself;
You can use the Roger Application to delete any collected information about yourself, as long as this information is not needed in the future (e.g. for payproll processing activities); and
You can use the Roger Application to disable the weekly digest email if you no longer wish to receive it.

1) Overview of information and personal data expected to be collected and stored by roger

Employee details

Name employee
First name employee
Current role/ function
Team/ department

Personal data

Date of birth
Work e-mail
Personal e-mail
Phone number

Wage information & benefits

Start date

Statistics and history tracking of all above

Roger provides the customer with statistics and aggregate data.

Why is this data stored?

HR software such as Roger’s has to process personal data for the following reasons:

We have to store contracts between employers and employees for a number of years;
We need to manage access to data and authorize new users that access the platform.

Where will data be stored?

All data will be stored in Roger’s own software and databases. Personal data can also be exchanged via the integrations Roger has built.

How long will the data be stored for?

Roger shall sanitize and destroy your personal data within thirty (30) calendar days upon any request by your employer or upon termination in accordance with article 13.2(ii) of our terms of use. In any event Roger ensures that all personal data and information shall be deleted in a secure way.