Why choose Roger?

An engaged workforce drives a company forward. Roger gives you the tools to truly connect with your employees.

For communication professionals

Communicate effectively and efficiently


define your target audience in detail

Personalised messages

Roger addresses the whole of your employees as individuals

Automated messages

From simple reminders to the full onboarding procedure - we save you time

Impact metrics

Data is knowledge - you see exactly what works and what doesn't

Bottom-up communication

Get feedback through embedded polls and surveys of your organisation

For IT department

Secure and easy to integrate

Employee database connection

Use Active Directory or other integrations to automate employee registration in Roger

Bulk user management

Download your employee list, edit it as you see fit, then upload it

24/7 support & SLAs

Dedicated team of engineers on standby and customised SLAs on request

Custom integrations

We are happy to integrate existing infrastructures. Tell us what you need and we take care of the integration plan

For your workforce

Inform, connect and engage your workforce


Engage your workforce and make a genuine connection with your employees

Find coworkers

Let employees search and find contacts easily. All employees are searchable and listed by department and function

No company email address

Forget the company email address. We can onboard your employees with just a phone number

Desktop & mobile

Employees receive your communications via mobile and the web. Dedicated Android and iOS apps available

Mobile App

Your workforce stays engaged by interacting through the mobile app. Employees get push notifications when new messages are sent. Co-workers and essential documents are easy to find.

Communication Dashboard

The communication dashboard is a dedicated web environment where communication professionals reach your workforce. Messages are sent, groups are segmented and engagement is quantified.


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